My Extreme Minimalism

I get some crazy ideas in my head but one thing that has really stuck with me is extreme minimalism. Now this is a really crazy notion for me because I have a spouse that is NOT a minimalist. However, after watching me Becoming a Minimalist he now appreciates the general idea and has made some progress himself. He likes the idea that it saves money. I also have this crazy notion that at some point he will get on board with me. That’s another post altogether.

Extreme Minimalism gets my creative juices flowing and it challenges me to see just how much I can do without. I don’t know if I’ll ever get down to “Backpack Nomad Minimalist” status but you never know. For the present moment here’s the goal:

*Extreme Minimalism Diet:
Breakfast: Homemade Bread and Coffee
Lunch: Beans and a vegetable
Teatime: Homemade Popcorn
Supper: Vegetable soup and bread
Evening: Fruit

*Extreme Minimalism Closet:
Tops: 3 cotton tops, 3 Sweaters, 1 Cardigan?
Pants: 1 Black jean, 1 Denim jean, 1 Velvet lounge pant
Shoes: 2 loafers, 1 athletic, 1 hiking
Coats: 1 Winter wool coat, 1 lined jacket

*Extreme Minimalism Hobbies:
Writing Blogs: Less words, more meaning.
Online Collage Art: Old family photos, texture, letters.
Scan Memory Books: Put together memory books for family online.

*Extreme Minimalism Reading:
Free Audio Books from Library, Librox, and Youtube
Gutenberg Project: Online free site of Classics
No physical books

*Extreme Minimalism Entertainment:
Amazon Prime
Homemaking,cooking,family game night

*Extreme Minimalism Relationships
Online Friends only: WordPress
Immediate Family: Forget social media
Random conversations are enough

Right now what I have is enough.

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