A Minimalist Uniform

One thing that I learned very quickly while Becoming a Minimalist is that very few people even realize when you wear the same clothes over and over. It became very easy to adopt a uniform. My Minimalist Uniform has some variations but I have it down to just a few items and I love that it’s so easy to get dressed.


*Four tank tops in jewel colors that are acetate and don’t wrinkle
*Four Tees in jewel colors that are again, acetate and don’t wrinkle.
*Four 3/4 Sleeve Tunics in bright colors that don’t wrinkle.
*Four pairs black pants (two jeans, and two cotton scrubs)

*One black modal Dress

*Four pairs shoes
Black Mary Janes
Black slipons
Black Sport shoes
Hiking boots

What do you wear as a minimalist?

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