Less Stress

This last week I returned yet again to homecare. This time it’s mornings in the office and afternoons either caring for the elderly in their home or time spent doing Quality Assurance for the company. I said goodbye to the long-term care facility last week and to some people that I will miss. I won’t miss the sleepless nights, the heart-pounding problems, or the agitation of managing people.

This is different.

I stepped into the office the first morning expecting a day of learning new things and the stress that comes with it. Although I had plenty of opportunities to learn, I had the pleasure of already knowing the computer software system as well as the people I interacted with all day. Most of the time I found that I could decide for myself what I needed to do without the stress of worrying about following orders.

It was a pleasant week figuring things out and defining my tasks as I went. I couldn’t have picked two better people to work with either. I am so lucky.

When I took the job at the facility in October it was good timing but the money isn’t worth the stress. I left that job right before they laid me off in a “right-sizing” effort. Now, I’m not sorry. It was the right thing to do. My current job is quite a pay cut from the former but it’s been worth it because the stress level is so much less. Now I sleep at night. I’m still amazed that I don’t wake up thinking about what I may have forgotten.

Not everyone has the ability to move to a lower-paying job but I’ve made adjustments to spending and lifestyle enough that I could do it. This lifestyle has enabled me to have more choices. For that, I am grateful.

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