Minimalist December Projects

This year we are giving experiences instead of wrapped presents. We’ve asked our relatives to give the kids tickets to the aquarium, local events, and waterparks. There’s plenty to see and do here in Utah so we never lack opportunities for experiences.

For my December projects, I’ve chosen to sort even more from my closet. I find that my current wardrobe is a bit too casual and dowdy. I was looking to save money by using the second-hand stores and I didn’t want my uptight black anymore. Now I miss it and have to admit that at least it was always classy. My drab brown simply doesn’t compare. I can’t however, justify buying all new clothes. I’ll wait until February to buy other clothes after more weight loss and the clothes I have now will most likely be at the end of their life. For now, I’ll tidy up what I have and let go of what I don’t really love. It’s pretty simple.

We will continue our zero waste journey this month as well, by reducing the amount of packaging and the amount that we recycle as well. My husband has the mindset that as long as it’s recyclable, it’s okay. The goal is  to not have to deal with much waste at all by buying staples, produce, and most of what we eat in bulk form. There is simply no need to package vegetables or fruit. Our local Winco has a terrific bulk section that has simply everything including bulk olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and pasta as well as cereals, grains, nuts, seeds, and spices. The only thing that we have to buy packaged anymore is frozen berries, bread, and vegan meat substitutes.  I can’t seem to talk my husband into giving these up and it seems like a reasonable compromise to me.

Our biggest project in December is to prepare our goals for the coming year. At the end of every year, we decide what worked and what didn’t. Then we write down a new list of goals that may contain some old and definitely some new ideas. At the top of the list, we put the goals from the last year that we missed our target on. These are our priority. Then we list the goals that we are most enthusiastic and passionate about. Last, we list the little ones that are less important to us. It sounds like a long process, but it takes less than an hour.

As always, we look around the house every month and determine what doesn’t really belong. It always finds a good home elsewhere.

What do you do in December?