Extreme Minimalism: The Attraction

The 100 Things Challenge has me thinking of Extreme Minimalism. I must confess that the attraction of only owning 100 things or less is pulling me in. Who I was in my younger days could never have even dreamed of the concept of owning so little and becoming a minimalist. If I were a single woman I could totally do it but alas, my spouse cannot.

I do dream that someday my husband will come around with his thinking and consider living a life with less. Already he has seen the light with a plant-based diet and buying fewer clothes and possessions. But I don’t see him giving up his “big damn TV” or the house that we live in anytime soon.  Don’t get me wrong. I love this life with him but I fantasize about Tiny Houses, that rustic one room cabin by the lake with a big garden, and a simpler life with less financial obligations and more stress-free time.

Unlike this challenge though I would be even more strict. I count EVERY possession. It wouldn’t be hard for me because I don’t do any kind of collecting, sentimental items are few, and I can eat and sleep very simply. These are the things I would do:

  1. No need for decorations of any kind whether it be jewelry, pictures, or couches.
  2. No need for Kitchen appliances or gadgets. I could eat whole raw food.
  3. No need for clothes other than leggings, tees, and underwear.
  4. Sitting on chairs is overrated.
  5. I would keep my computer and smartphone.
  6. I would live in a warmer climate, no need for winter gear.
  7. No need for a car. Walking would do.

Could I be a Nomad Minimalist? I don’t think so. I love being at home. It doesn’t have to be a fancy home but some sort of roof over my head that’s clean is something I need.  Although I enjoy a disengaged life, I do like to have  computer or phone technology to read, watch, and explore the world around me but once again, I don’t need anything elaborate.  Eating simple, whole foods is a dream of mine that has become a reality. I enjoy it each and every day. I look forward to transitioning to a complete, whole foods diet that is mostly raw and narrowing my eating time to one meal each day.

Could you live and Extreme Minimalist life?


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