Black is the New Minimalist

Clothes kind of annoy me.
I’d like to live a life that entails three t shirts and two pairs of jeans.
For now that’s simply not practical.
So I had to come up with plan B.
Anyone that has read my blog in the past knows that I am a bit
obsessive with clothes and beauty supplies. Sometimes I “cycle” back to
thinking I need more of both to get past my mid-life crisis.

Here’s the reality.
I do have to be conscious about looking somewhat professional
for my job. It doesn’t have to be fancy or high-powered.
I can’t get away with jeans and tees though either.
I’ve cycled myself right into wearing black.
No time is wasted in choosing what to wear.
I rotate my tops and mix with my cardigans according to the weather
and my mood. There is no way to mess it up really.
The bonus that goes with wearing black is that although it doesn’t
draw unnecessary attention, it does single one out especially since I am
older and doing it. No extremes here just quiet individuality.
Wearing only black also keeps things simple and keeps me from overspending.
You can only have so much black.

*3 Traveler’s Tanks
*3 Cardigans
*2 Camisoles
*2 Dress pants
*3 pairs blue jeans
*3 coats/jackets

Few people at work really seem to notice that I only have a handful of clothes. I like the simplicity of using all one color with the basics. I am not deprived. On the contrary, I have so much free time and less stress than ever before. I don’t need extra gear to exercise. I hike and walk in my jeans. Maybe someday I’ll stop the obsession. Until then black is the new minimalist.

**This post was updated 10/14/2015