One Meal

I’ve recently changed to eating One Meal a Day. This is not for everyone and before you judge the action consider that eating multiple meals a day and overeating isn’t healthy either. There are a few reasons why I chose to eat one meal a day.

* I don’t have to worry about scheduling breakfast in my morning routine or bringing a lunch to work.

* I easily get out of having to attend marketing lunches that take too much time out of my work day.

* It’s a spiritual thing. Eating one meal a day allows me to detach from the desire for food. Using this basic human attachment as practice for the bigger things is a good place to start for my spiritual practice. The monks advocate it.

* It closes the door on the addiction to food. While other addictions are complete abstinence, food isn’t that way obviously. If I limit the time spent focusing on food and eating it enables me to control the addiction. It’s not a matter of willpower or diet.

* If I eat only one meal a day I can eat what I want. As I go further on the timeline I do crave whole, healthy foods. This is more natural than many diets out there since it falls into hunter-gatherer mode. I tend to eat better quality and pay attention to what I put in my mouth since I have less options to start with. One plate. One meal.

* There’s less mess to clean up. This is pretty self explanatory.

* I spend less on groceries because I am not buying snack foods or “quick” foods anymore.

In one easy step this is another way I have simplified my life and moved towards becoming a minimalist. At times it’s challenging to follow but I think it is worth it and it’s easier than you might think. If you ate only one meal a day what would you eat? How would it change the way you live? Would it give you quality of life?